About Us

     710Electric company devoted to bringing you not only the best enail on the market but one of the nicest looking as well. With our rugged metal housing, back-lit  High Definition LCD screen, and temp readout in standby mode your vaporization experience just took a leap ahead in look function and style that's our promise to you.

But not everything's about class, customization is also key so we offer two different styles of coils for your 710 Electric E-nail to optimize your vaporization experience. 
We offer there different styles of coils with our units for ultimate customization. All of our coils sport a kevlar cord for maximum flexibility and protection of the internal components even in high heat. 

        We do offer variations though, our flat coil has its element wound in a disc shape to evenly distribute heat under the nail head and provide optimum surface heat to vaporize on in under a minute from start up. 
        Our Barrel style coils are wrapped in a stack to heat a larger nail head and provide superior heat retention. Barrel coils are for use with Enail inserts and Infiniti nails with their adapters set up correctly. When attached to nails correctly these coils will keep your nail hot no mater how much you throw at it. For heavy duty use !